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Switching over....

So as y'all may have noticed, I don't really post here any more.

Two journals ended up being too much to keep up with and so it didn't happen.

So now I'm going back to just one. If you'd like to be switched over to my other journal (in which I post frequently) just post here and I'll add you. I've already added a couple of you (i'm still lilia, just with a different ending) For some of you I think this will just be goodbye. I can't keep up with everything and some of our intrests are just too diverse.

I'll also be keeping up a blog in a more literary style at http://thoughtsofthatgirl.blogspot.com So if you really want to see my commentary on life, you can go there too.



Guild Wars

I just bought Guild Wars! I'm so excited. It looks really cool. I've got must of it set up and currently its downloading something. I'm looking forward to trying it out and playing around with it. I just wish it had a manual I didn't have to print off online. I've been reading over things trying to figure out how to play it etc.

My characters name is Kaye Aliyah. I dunno if that means those of you who play can find me or what... but I thought I'd let you know.

Also if anyone has any tips on playing and stuff. Since I really have no idea what I'm doing!

Well I gotta run. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


confessions of a fanfic reader

One thing I like so much about vacation... is having the time to read fanfic. Yes, I read fanfic. Harry Potter only though. And yes I love it.

However I would have to agree that some of my views of certain characters have become biased due to reading so much. And of course reading Cassie Clare's Draco trilogy. It's almost as long as canon HP stories that you get pulled into that world. I've been wanting to re-read that (have it saved to comp if anyone needs it) but haven't had the time.

Today I've been uploading my long Lily/James story to UR.org Looking over it wow... I think I could do much better now. I did write that two and a half years ago before I'd had several writing classes. But hey, you do what you can.

I did come across this awesome fic -
100 Ways to Get Rejected

Basicly it is James using pick up lines on Lily. It is hysterical. My fav so far has been:

James: "Evans! Come here often?"
Lily: "What's that supposed to mean?"
James: "I have no idea, but some people think it's a good pick-up line."
Lily: "Black?"
James: "Yeah . . ."

Seriously, that person is brilliant. Every Lily/James fan must click and read. You will die laughing. I keep wanting to add things to my fav list because there are just so many good ones! Lily is just as smart with the comebacks as James is with the pickup lines. :-)

Thinking hard about Guild Wars again. I think, if I can scrounge up the money after Christmas, I'll buy it. I think it would be a fun way to waste my time. :-D ;-) I know some of you mentioned playing it... any tips, hints, suggestions? How does it work and all that?

Well I was going to say a lot more... but Mum needs me... bye!


Guess who has been cast as Edward Cullen?

The one and only Robert Pattinson! I had never really thought about him as Edward before, but after looking at some pics online... he'll be perfect!

*happy sighs*

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Who else is excited!!

Dec. 10th, 2007

So I haven't made a real post in ages huh?? I'm really sorry about that. This has been the hardest, most busiest semester ever. I'm still wondering how I survived. Or if I survived at all! Well, I'm sure I passed three of my classes, but I'm scared about my Statistics class. It was very, very hard. Cause well, I hate math.

I realize I've also been a bad friend cause I haven't been commenting. I use this journal so much for graphics (ie finding icons and stuff) so lots of times people posts get buried in icon posts. Sorry guys. :-( I really want to try and be better! I think I'm down to only a couple actual friends still. Tis sad.

But moving on... I only have three finals left and I'll be done with this semester. To make my life better, I bought myself an iPod. Put a few songs on it last night at a friends house. I'm loving it! But seriously, I need my laptop up and working so that I can use iTunes and put some songs on it! I only have 10 at the moment... pitiful.

I'm seriously considering starting to game. I used to do online RPG's all the time. It started with YahooClubs and Star Trek RPGs, then to message boards and a LOTR RPG where I actually participated in a "war". Craziest thing ever. But it was so much fun!!! It was quite a creative release too. I was recently looking into Guild Wars and I think that is something I could really get into. You can get it pretty cheap from Amazon. Of course then I'd want all the expansion packs... but still. I think I could really get into something like that. Or I might get back in to online RPGs. But I'm not sure I want to do something LOTR related again. Am I totally crazy?

I'm re-reading HP7. I'm almost done with it. I just realized how worked up I was over Fred's death. I just re-read that part (cried a little, but not nearly as much as the first time) and realizing that a lot of that stuff afterwards... well, I didn't remember! I was just so worked up I couldn't hardly concentrate one what I was reading! So its almost like reading a new book for some of the stuff I missed. I wanted to read it sooner, but couldn't bring myself too because I new how hard it was going to be. But it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I cried in different spots. When Dobby died, when Harry and Aberforth were talking about Dumbldore and how Ariana died.
I'm really enjoying this book. Not sure though if it is my fav or HP5. Which I re-read this summer. Haven't read six in awhile either.

Been fic hunting again. Reading the books always makes me want to read/write fics. Especially Ginny/Draco and MWPP era fics.

Well I must be off... I'm getting hungry</lj-poll-1103770>

Nov. 26th, 2007

Poll #1095267 TV shows

How many TV shows a week?

So you remember that brilliant poll I did about your blood type? Well guess what! That type of poll doesn't work for the statistic data I'm trying to pull together. *sigh* I need numbers, not yes or no answers. And I didn't find this out until after I'd done the poll of course. (it was not specified in our directions like i think it should have been)

So what I need know is for you to give me numbers! Took me awhile to come up with an easy question for you to answer... but I finally did.

I need to know how many TV shows you watch in a given week. And I'm not talking about those on DVD. I mean currently running shows.

If the same amout of people answer this one as the last one, I'll be in good shape!
Thanks guys! And sorry for the mix up

Hey all... need some help! Need to do some research for a statistics project. I need 35 replies to the following poll... so please, every one just take a couple seconds to answer it!

(if you've answered this on my other LJ... don't answer it agian!)

Do you know you're blood type?

Kittens to adopt!! Does any one want to adopt a kitten? My neighbor has four beautiful kittens she is trying to get adopted. If she can't, she might have to take them to the pound. :-( They are black or grey kittens. I can't Aren&apos;t they cute! Grey Kitten I can't remember how old they are now... a month or so I think. They are really sweet, and so is their mom. So please! If you are serious and can take good care of one or more of this kittens... e-mail thatgirllil (at) gmail (dot) com

JKR interview...

So Jo did an online interview and answered a bunch of fan questions... there were some great questions and great answers. I've copied a few that were my favs. Not sure if all my flist has finished, so I'll put it under a cut. But it was really funny, sad, and interesting. I think you can find a link at MuggleNet or Leaky.

30 days till Dragon*Con!!!

Jul. 19th, 2007

Well, I've finally made it back from my trip abroad. And wow was it a trip! Spent four weeks in Russia and two in England. While I was in England I was able to make it to the London premire of OotP. Got some great photos and got Jo's sig. *squeees!* It was a ton of fun. You can see pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lils_photos/

I'm really excited about Friday night/Saturday midnight. Isn't it going to be awesome? I still can't believe that it is the final book! I'm really excited, because I'll be at the Borders across from the Disney Store where I work, and I'm going to help the out and cosplay Ginny. I'm just excited that I get to be Ginny and help out. They are too. Any way...need to try and find some good pics from the recent movie to make sure I get the look right. My only trouble is I have bangs and she doesn't!